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Click on a link below to view the resource


www.student or www.FAFSA.ED.Gov/

The important thing with FAFSA is to fill out the form in the first place. Do it ASAP. Money is given on a first come first serve basis. The form is available on October 1st of every year (which is a new date for FAFSA), you best opportunity to receive and FAFSA money is to fill it out as soon as the form is available. Repeat this process of filling out this form every year that you are a student in college, otherwise you will not be eligible to receive aid, including the Pell Grant, (which is money that does not need to be pad back). The Pell Grant is an important part of FAFSA.

The form may look complicated but it is not. Just carefully read the instruction and follow them as written. Do not worry about being perfect, you can always fill out a change or correction to send in later. The most important thing is to submit it either on-line or on paper by mail AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

As a parent, you will have to share your salary information. Do not le this intimidate you. Just be prepared to do so and get on with it. It is a great opportunity to sit down and talk to your student about how your family is going to pay for college, (if they are) and the part that your student will be responsible for. Learning to take responsibility for yourself and your finincial future are important things for your student to learn.



To be eligable for a Pell Grant you first must complete the free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Below are some quick points of information about the Pell Grants:

  1. A Federal Pell Grant, unlike a loan, does not have to be repaid.
  2. The maximum Pell Grant for 2015-16 award year is $5775.00
  3. The amount depends on your financial need, cost to attend school, status as a full-time or part-time student, and your plans to attend school for the full academic year or less.
  4. To apply for a Pell Grant you must first complete the Form for the FAFSA



The Indiana Health Service (IHS) offers three scholarships for American Indian and Alaska Native students in order to educate and train health care professional to staff Indian health programs. We strive to develop our next generation of leaders, as well as help make the pursuit of a meaningful career and Indian health attainable for American Indian and Alaskia native students.

Our Preparatory scholarship provides finincial aid to qualified American Indian and Alaska native undergraduate students. Recipients must be members or descendents of a federally recognized, state recognized or terminated Tribes enrolled in preparatory courses or prerequisite courses leading to enrillment in an eligible health prefessions degree program.

Our Pre-Graduate scholarship provides financial aid to qualified American Indian and Alaska Native undergraduate students. Recipients must be members or descendents of federally recognized, state-recognized or terminated Tribes enrolled in courses leading to a bachelor's degree in pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, pre-podiatry and other subjects needed by the Indian health programs.

Our Health Professions scholarship provides financial aid to qualified American Indian and Alaska Native undergraduate- and graduate-level students. Recipients must be members of federally recognized Tribes and enrolled in an eligible health profession degree program. In exchange for financial aid, scholarship recipients agree to fulfill a service commitment in full-time clinical practice upon completion of their academic or post-graduate clinical training.

How the Health Professional scholarship provides financial aid to qualified American Indians and Alaskan Native undregraduate and graduate-level students. Recipients must be members of federally recoginzied tribes and enrolled in an eligible health profession degree program. In exchange for financial aid, scholarship recipients agree to fulfill a service commitment in full-time clinical practices upon completion of their academic or postgraduate clinical training.

The IHS scholarship program award scholarships based on the 100 point ranking system divided amoung three categories:

  1. Academic Performance (40 points) — Performance is based on your official transcripts. A minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA is required.
  2. Faculty/Employer Evaluations (30 points) — The evaluations assess your education and work achievements, interpersonal skills and overall potential and how those distinguishing qualities translate into a successful career as an Indian health professional.
  3. Applicant Essays (30 points) — The essays provide you with an opportunity to explain the reason(s) you are applying for a scholarship, your career goals and how your career goals will help to meet the needs of American Indians and Alaska Natives. The essays weigh heavily toward your ranking and are based on how well they’re written and how well you express your career goals and desire to serve Native communities.

Your cumulative score is used to rank you against other applicants applying in the same degree program. Priority is given to applicants with the earliest projected graduation date.



8333 Greenwood Blvd.
Denver, CO 80221

The American Indian College Fund offers two scholarship programs, TCU and Full Circle Scholarships, each have their own deadlines and requirements.

Native Americans/Alaska Native undergraduate students attending tribal colleges and uciversities are eligible to apply for both Full Circle and TCU schilarship programs.

The Full Circle Scholarship Program is awarded to students attending non-tribal colleges. These scholarships are funded through our partnerships with corporate and private donors and are available to American Indian/Alaska Native students attending public and private colleges and universities. The Full Circle scholarships are administered by the American Indian College Fund and are generally based upon merit or demonstrated financial need.

Full Circle scholarship applications are accepted from students beginning January 1 and ending May 31 of each year. The American Indian College Fund determines student eligibility and awards the scholarships. Award and denial notices will be mailed out to all applicants by August each year to the address listed on the application.



American Indian Student Services
315 Princeton Street
Stop 8274
Grand Forks, ND 58202
Phone: 701-777-4291
Fax: 701-777-3292

The office of American Indian Student Services (AISS) provides culturally appropriate student support services designed to enhance the academic and personal success of American Indian students attending UND.

Services include, transitional support, highly successful retention program, tutoring, study skills, advisement assistance: academic, financial aid, personal, social, and cultural

UND offers a tuition waiver to any new freshman or transfer from any state. This individual must be from an historicallu under-represented group and whose family is considered economically disadvantaged. The award is for the amount of North Dakota tuition and generally is for one year, but may be estended of renewed requirements are met.



HPSP offers prospective Military Medical Professionals (M.D. or P.O.), Dential, Nurse Professionals, Social Workers, Optometrist, Psychologists, Physicians Assistants, Pharmacist and Veterinarians a paid scholarship with expenses in exchange for military service as a Commisioned Officer in the career that you attended school for. Programs are available for the US Army, US Navy and the US Air Force.

Prospective students compete for scholarships that cover some or all of the medical school years. The US Army and US Air Force offers 1-4 year scholarships while the US Navy offers 3-4 year scholarships. While attending school on one of these scholarships the student will receive financial expenses for tuition cost, a monthly stipend, cost of mandatory books and equipment are all covered by the students sponsoring service.

For more information clisk this link: or type HPSP or Health Professions Scholarship Program into any search engine.



NM publishes a booklet Listing many sources of financial aid for American Indians. For a copy of the booklet, call 1-877-278-8586, ask for the office of American Indian Programs. \



Click this link to submit a scholarship. Complete the profile and then getting matched to scholarships and grants that you are qualigied for from colleges, universities, organizations, foundations, corporations and more.



Once you have completed your profile, you will have access to our database of more than 1.5 million scholarships. $3.4 billion are available.





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